Prevent Websites from Disabling Right Click | Re-enable Context Menu

Prevent Websites from Disabling Right Click

These days websites trend to disable right click their web pages by visitors. Or disable text selection. It’s a precaution taken to avoid copying copyrighted text or taking unauthorized actions on the site. However as a user, it’s annoying and not friendly. Sometimes you need to copy some text, not to do anything illegal but to learn or something. This little hack can prevent websites from disabling right click and re-enable context menu which you can see when you right click.

This work on any major browser including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet explorer. All you have to do is bookmark/add to favorite following link. (drag & drop)

Prevent Right-click Disable

Bookmark it somewhere you can easily access. Like in bookmarks bar or sidebar. Whenever you came to a right click disabled website, click on this bookmark. You can’t see anything change or redirect to another page. But it will disable the functionality. Now try to right-click or select some text.