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How to get YouTube Video Info with PHP

In this tutorial I will explain how to get YouTube video info with PHP without using JSON. When it comes to SEO stuffs, PHP is important. Retrieve YouTube.

Retrieve YouTube Video Details using JavaScript

Retrieve Youtube video details using JavaScript. This script use YouTube API v2.0 with jQuery and JSON. You can get title, thumbnails, description and many.

How to Embed YouTube Video with Audio Only- Remove Video From YouTube Player

You might want to learn how to embed YouTube video with audio only. Remove video from YouTube player and enable audio only. If you want to embed songs, recordings, conversations, etc...

How to Embed YouTube Video without Logo- Remove YouTube Logo

How to embed a YouTube video without YouTube logo. You can still use the default YouTube embed code but with this little tweak remove YouTube logo.

Disable Links on YouTube Videos – Code Hack

This explains the way to disable links on YouTube videos. This code hack can secure your traffic by disabling clickable links to the original location on flash players like Youtube.