How to use Google search effectively – 30 Tips and Tricks

How to search by images using Google

Hello Everyone!
This is the first post in our Tech Tweaking website – And the first time I use WordPress. So I hope this will be a great welcome post.
As a newbie for WordPress, which is a great and effective CMS, I had to learn so many things. Like everybody else, the main resource I had, was Google. When I was searching around this came into my mind, ” Why don’t I dedicate my fist post to Google?” to salute for the great support.
And there was another thing in my mind – I have noticed, so many people do not know how to use this amazing friend effectively. They just type some phase and expect that Google will understand their minds. Just stop that! Get the spirit of Google, and make your life easy.
Let’s come back to the topic. Here I give you 25+ tips and trick to improve the accuracy of your searches. Read them carefully, you will be amazed what Google is capable of. So how to use Google search more effectively?

Use Google search engine Interface easily and effectively

How to use google search effectively - 30 tips

1. Normal search

2. Use left side panel and click on “More” to choose content category.
3. Use left side panel and click on “More search tools” to filter results
4. Use Google “Advanced Search” facility. You can see a link at the bottom of the page to navigate it.
5. Use ‘Google Real-Time Search’ for real-time updates. (Temporarily disabled.)

Very useful Google search tips you always need

6. Use quotation marks

7. Use + to search must contain words or phrases

8. Use – to negate unnecessary words or phrases

9. Search for a specific file type

10. Negate a specific file type

11. Search definition of a word

12. Search similar Words and synonyms

13. Search specific word/phrase OR another

14. If you can’t remember the exact  phase or word, use wildcard

Let’s say you want to search “The One That Got Away” by Tim McGraw but can’t remember exact lyrics. You can use * with the parts you remember.

15. Search for every given word in a URL

16. Search one word in the URL and other words in anywhere in the document – can be in the title (no space between ‘inurl:’ and the following word)

17. Search for every given word in a title

18. Search one word in the title and other words in anywhere in the document – can be in the title
Note:   No space between ‘intitle:’ and the following word

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